Monday, June 22, 2009

Tracks lead deputies to stolen motorcycles

As reported on 6/18/09 By Stacia Glenn on the

Sheriff's deputies today said they followed the tracks of two stolen motorcycles to the Victorville home of a parolee suspected of stealing them.
The victims came home about 9 a.m. and found two of their motorcycles and other miscellaneous items had been stolen from their house in the 11500 block of Highway 395. Deputies followed motorcycle tracks to Justin Epley's house on Goss Street and performed a parole search of his property. They found one motorcycle in a shed and the other hidden in a ravine near Epley's house, officials said.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Darn! Didn’t figure on the tracks! I even put away the bag of chips so I wouldn’t leave any crumbs! Note to self: Next time - carry the motorcycles…or at the very least drive them around a few blocks and out of town and then back instead of going directly home. Live and learn! Now at least I have time in prison to revise my plan to leave my driver’s license with the teller at the bank when I rob it wearing my life-sized rubber mask of myself!

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