Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phil Spector Is Behind Bars, Wants His iPod

As reported on June 25, 2009 on

Legendary producer and convicted murderer Phil Spector may be taking the Martha Stewart approach to jail-time. At least, in a way. Spector, age 69, has just begun to serve his 19 years to life sentence and, according to the Associated Press, he'd like to serve it with certain luxuries: specifically, the ability to listen to music, check email and watch his favorite shows.

Spector is being held in a single cell in a "sensitive-needs facility" area of his new home, the State Prison at Corcoran, Calif. As a medium-security inmate at California's largest prison, he is allowed to ask for certain creature comforts and, at the top of his list, are an iPod, a television and a computer. Prison officials have indicated that those wishes will likely be granted.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: That’s really nice of them. Come to think of it…if he has an ipod, a computer and a television, then he will officially have my life! Wait a minute…does he have to pay a mortgage…and for other people’s health insurance too? No?...oh…wait, who’s the criminal? I’m so confused!

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