Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pink Floyd founder wants Israeli wall down

As reported by the AP on June 2, 2009 on
Roger Waters has harsh words for barrier during visit to Palestinian camp

AIDA REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank - The legendary rocker and co-founder of Pink Floyd says he would give a concert in a flash if Israel’s West Bank wall is torn down. Roger Waters made the promise Tuesday during a visit to a Palestinian refugee camp that is hemmed in by the separation barrier’s tall slabs of cement. The 65-year-old co-wrote Pink Floyd’s iconic “The Wall” album and performed music from it in 1990 at the site where the Berlin Wall once stood. Waters says the wall amounts to an oppressive grab of Palestinian land and that he hopes that “this thing, this awful thing, is destroyed soon.”

Editor Rozek’s Notes:…I like Pink Floyd. What an amazing band – probably of all time! The trouble is that I’m not sure that they weren’t completely stoned when they wrote “The Wall.” His efforts in Israel are definitely a nice try and I admire the fact that he cares about world issues…and, come to think of it… I’m also a little amazed that he can still form a sentence at all… but I guess I look at it this way; I’m definitely not Roger Waters but I wrote a song once called “Liar”…well actually it was called “Liar, Stinkin, Ridiculous Puke, I can’t believe you did that, Nobody Likes You Anymore”, but I just called it “Liar” for short. Anyway…you don’t see me going up to Bill Clinton and saying “Hey. I’ll sing you this song if you admit you cheated on Hillary.” … Pretty much cause…well…he wouldn’t care…and the song really wasn’t my best work!...and ...he really wouldn't care...

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