Monday, June 8, 2009

Sexy Cafes: "Starbucks meets Hooters"

as reported on Jun 3rd 2009 by Bruce Watson on

In Southern California's "Little Saigon," Vietnamese coffee shops are busily developing the next generation of caffeine delivery. Part cafe, part Victoria's secret fashion show, they are doing great business, despite the recession. Tina Nguyen, a waitress at one establishment, describes the cafe's motif as "Starbucks meets Hooters."This seems fairly accurate: like Starbucks, the cafes have a narrow menu of coffee, iced tea, and smoothies. The marriage of food and bodacious pulchritude is something of a Hooters specialty. Like the famous chain, the servers at Garden Grove's Vietnamese coffee shops are clothed, albeit scantily. In fact, the parade of fishnets, spandex, bathing suits and sarongs makes Hooters' minishorts and tank top uniform appear comparatively restrained.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Well! There is really nothing I can think of that would say “I want a cup of coffee”, more than a scantily dressed girl?? I’m assuming that women are not the number one clientele of this coffeeshop! Businessmen, whose wives are busy with the mundane morning rituals of packing the kid’s lunches and making cookies, pack up their laptops, kiss their wives and children goodbye and say they have to get to the office early! The 5am dash to the ATM to cash their 20’s into ones and get to breakfast is causing traffic issues everywhere... I too am thinking of a new business venture. I am opening a new toy store. It’s going to be called “Us R Toys!”

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