Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Madoff sentenced to 150 years

As reported on June 29th, 2009 by Aaron Smith, CNNMoney.com

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- A federal judge sentenced Bernard Madoff, the convicted mastermind of the largest and most sweeping Ponzi scheme ever, to the maximum sentence of 150 years in federal court Monday. Shortly before receiving his sentence, Madoff offered an apology, which he delivered facing Judge Chin.
"I live in a tormented state for all the pain and suffering I created," he said. "I left a legacy of shame. It is something I will live with for the rest of my life." Madoff said he was not asking for forgiveness and not offering any excuses for his behavior. "How can you excuse betraying thousands of investors?" he asked. "How can you excuse deceiving hundreds of employees? How can you excuse lying to and deceiving your wife who still stands by you?" Madoff then said, "I apologize to my victims. I will turn and face you." Addressing the victims in the courtroom directly, he offered, "I am sorry. I know it will not help you."
Lawyer Ira Lee Sorkin, who represents Madoff, asked for a 12-year sentence. In a letter to the judge, Sorkin explained that his 71-year-old client "has an approximate life expectancy of 13 years" and isn't likely to outlive the requested sentence by more than a year.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Well…12 years,…150 years…potato/ pototo! It seems that many people are a little angry with him. I’m not sure why no one seemed to fall for this sociopath’s apology? He felt bad…I mean…really bad!…that his wife was going to have to return her fur…and that he got caught. His lawyer figured out his exact life expectancy in order to request one year free before he died? That’s so nice! The judge must’ve been working with a different team of doctors. Apparently he is expected to live until age 222…that way he’ll get that extra free year that he wanted so badly to go bungee jumping…and to go to Disneyland!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cops Find 100 Pounds of Pot in Casket

As reported on June 26, 2009 on aol.com AP
DALLAS (June 26) -- A casket minus a cadaver yielded nearly 100 pounds of marijuana after a traffic stop in Dallas. William Dale Crock of Cave City, Ark., was in jail Friday on a marijuana possession charge, plus traffic and seat belt violations.
Dallas police say Crock was arrested Wednesday when bundles of marijuana were discovered under the casket's cover and pillow.
Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse said the van turned up during surveillance on a suspected drug house. Police stopped the van in Mesquite after noticing Crock not wearing a seat belt. Officers also said he allegedly ran a red light and made an improper lane change.
A drug-sniffing dog alerted officers to the casket in the van.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Note to self: Wear seat belt when carrying casket full of drugs!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mammals Evolve Faster in the Tropics

As reported on June 26, 2009 on aol.com AP

(June 25) - Mammals living in the tropics are experiencing genetic mutations more quickly and therefore are evolving faster than those in cooler environments, according to a New Zealand study.
The study, conducted by researchers at the Auckland University of Technology, counters a longstanding assumption that climate does not impact the genetic mutations of warm-blooded animals, the Australian Associated Press reported.
"The results show that species occupying warmer climates have almost 50 percent more DNA evolution relative to those in cooler climates," biologist Len Gillman told the news service. "These results come from pairs of species generally living in close proximity to each other so we would expect the effect to be far more pronounced over continental and global scales."
Prior studies have shown that plants and certain marine life evolve faster in warmer climates. But the New Zealand study is first evidence of microevolution in mammals, the BBC News reported. Microevolution occurs when a population changes genetically over time in a way that is advantageous for the animal, such as developing a resistance to disease or pesticides. The gene is then passed down to future generations.
"The result was unexpected," Gillman told the BBC of the study, which looked at 260 mammal species.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: So this is why David Lee Roth always wished they all could be California girls? I always suspected some sort of genetic mutation. They don’t make sport’s bras powerful enough for some of those girls! Must be the heat!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phil Spector Is Behind Bars, Wants His iPod

As reported on June 25, 2009 on spinner.com

Legendary producer and convicted murderer Phil Spector may be taking the Martha Stewart approach to jail-time. At least, in a way. Spector, age 69, has just begun to serve his 19 years to life sentence and, according to the Associated Press, he'd like to serve it with certain luxuries: specifically, the ability to listen to music, check email and watch his favorite shows.

Spector is being held in a single cell in a "sensitive-needs facility" area of his new home, the State Prison at Corcoran, Calif. As a medium-security inmate at California's largest prison, he is allowed to ask for certain creature comforts and, at the top of his list, are an iPod, a television and a computer. Prison officials have indicated that those wishes will likely be granted.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: That’s really nice of them. Come to think of it…if he has an ipod, a computer and a television, then he will officially have my life! Wait a minute…does he have to pay a mortgage…and for other people’s health insurance too? No?...oh…wait, who’s the criminal? I’m so confused!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Redlands teen arrested three times in a day, escapes custody

As reported on 6/23/09 By Stacia Glenn on thedailybulletin.com

Police said a 16-year-old Redlands boy was arrested three times in a day, ending his minor crime spree by running from the police station in handcuffs and leading officers on a brief chase. His brief escape highlights a problem police have struggled with since September: there is no safe place to detain prisoners in the city. Officers encountered him about noon Saturday after he was reported vandalizing property in the 800 block of Colton Avenue. After finding him nearby, police were detaining him in a field while waiting for a witness to arrive. When the boy tried to run and struggled with officers, they tased him, said Redlands spokesman Carl Baker. After the teen was arrested, he was cited and released to his father.

A little more than two hours later, CVS employees reported that two boys on bicycles had stolen alcohol from the Orange Street store and were seen riding toward Smiley Park. Police located and arrested the same boy and 21-year-old Evean Hodge. They then brought them to the police annex on Cajon Street, where two other prisoners were handcuffed to chairs in the lobby while waiting to be taken to the county jail. The boy's dad had already arrived.

It was then that the teen decided to make his escape. "The teen bolted out the front door with handcuffs on, down the steps and our officers were after him in a foot pursuit," Baker said.
One of the officers injured his knee and elbow on the steps as he ran after the boy, who was eventually captured west of the Redlands Bowl. Because he has heart issues, the boy was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center and then booked into juvenile hall after receiving a clean bill of health.

"We dont have a physical building you would expect for a Police Department. We don't have a secure place to keep people," he said. "We're locking people up in the lobby of the old city hall until we can transport them."

The department's holding cell went out of commission in September after the police station on Brookside Avenue shut down due to safety concerns.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: I’m wondering what safety concerns there were in the out of commission holding cell? Was it really more dangerous than running down a flight of steps handcuffed to a chair? I’ve seen the “slips, trips and falls” video that is put out so people are warned of safety hazards in the workplace but don’t remember anything in there about being handcuffed in a field. I’m also concerned that the father of this 16 year old boy may not have been watching him closely enough after the police released him to him the first time. Was he actually at CVS picking up alcohol for his father? I do think it is very nice that the police took him to the hospital to check his health. Are they sure it was his heart and not some sort of synapse issue in his brain?…I’m just saying…I can’t imagine not learning my lesson the first time I had to run away from the police! This is the same kind of kid who would run with scissors! That’s crazy man!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SC Gov. Mark Sanford says he's had an affair

As reported on June 24, 2009 by Jim Davenport on Yahoo.com

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says he's been having an affair with a woman from Argentina and will resign as head of the Republican Governors' Association.
The married father of four emotionally apologized to his wife, staff and others at a news conference after returning Wednesday from a trip to Argentina that followed a days long absence. His staff had said the Republican was hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

Sanford says he met the woman about eight years ago and it became romantic about a year ago. He says his wife and family have known about it for the past five months. Sanford says, "I've let down a lot of people."

Editor Rozek’s Note: uh…do you think? You let down a lot of people? If I had a dollar for every politician who was “hiking on the Appalachian trail”, I’d be a millionaire. That trail must be packed! People! This isn’t just a politician thing ya know? Why do we keep asking these guys to resign? Is it because we’re upset that they did something unethical or wrong?...or is it because we’re embarrassed that the people running our country can’t do it without getting caught? Mrs. Sanford says to her kids, “Okay kids! Let's go to the park. Daddy is showing you how to treat women in the future by enforcing the fact that he can’t respect Mommy and their commitment to their family!” …This is why I’m building an ark!...the Appalachian trail?...you couldn’t even come up with the one about having a “dental conference” like everyone else?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woman illegally downloads 24 songs, fined to tune of $1.9 million

As reported by Elianne Friend on June 19, 2009 – CNN.com
(CNN) -- A federal jury Thursday found a 32-year-old Minnesota woman guilty of illegally downloading music from the Internet and fined her $80,000 each -- a total of $1.9 million -- for 24 songs. Jammie Thomas-Rasset's case was the first such copyright infringement case to go to trial in the United States, her attorney said. Attorney Joe Sibley said that his client was shocked at fine, noting that the price tag on the songs she downloaded was 99 cents.
Thomas-Rasset downloaded work by artists such as No Doubt, Linkin Park, Gloria Estefan and Sheryl Crow. This was the second trial for Thomas-Rasset. The judge ordered a retrial in 2007 after there was an error in the wording of jury instructions. Thomas-Rasset is married with four children and works for an Indian tribe in Minnesota.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: I’d pay $80,000 a song for some of my favorites. I’m not sure Gloria Estefan has any I’d put that price tag on though…well…wait…that’s not true! I think that “Conga” was well worth it…but “come on! shake your body baby do the conga! I know I can’t control myself any longa!” You can get hours of enjoyment from that. I wonder what the error in the jury instructions that would end up needing a retrial was? “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. It is now my duty to instruct you on the law that applies to this case. It is your duty to determine the effect and value of the evidence and to decide all questions of fact. Please remember that every one of you have downloaded a song or two or have listened to music illegally online and danced in front of the mirror in your bedroom.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ensign helped mistress’ husband get 2 jobs

As reported on June 19, 2009 on MSNBC – AP

Questions raised over aid to ex-employees who could hurt Senator's career
LAS VEGAS - Sen. John Ensign helped his mistress's husband get two jobs during the time the rising Republican senator acknowledges carrying on an extramarital affair, an Ensign spokesman said Thursday.
Ensign admitted having a nine-month affair with Doug Hampton's wife, Cindy, who also worked for the senator. Ensign's office has said that both Cindy and Doug Hampton left their jobs in May 2008, and the affair ended in August 2008.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Strange! I’ve never heard of a politician having an affair before. I’m shocked! Remember what they say: “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer!” …wait…is that what they say or is it “Get your mistress’ husband a job so you won’t have to pay for the hotel room.” …hmm…can’t remember ??

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tracks lead deputies to stolen motorcycles

As reported on 6/18/09 By Stacia Glenn on the dailybulletin.com

Sheriff's deputies today said they followed the tracks of two stolen motorcycles to the Victorville home of a parolee suspected of stealing them.
The victims came home about 9 a.m. and found two of their motorcycles and other miscellaneous items had been stolen from their house in the 11500 block of Highway 395. Deputies followed motorcycle tracks to Justin Epley's house on Goss Street and performed a parole search of his property. They found one motorcycle in a shed and the other hidden in a ravine near Epley's house, officials said.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Darn! Didn’t figure on the tracks! I even put away the bag of chips so I wouldn’t leave any crumbs! Note to self: Next time - carry the motorcycles…or at the very least drive them around a few blocks and out of town and then back instead of going directly home. Live and learn! Now at least I have time in prison to revise my plan to leave my driver’s license with the teller at the bank when I rob it wearing my life-sized rubber mask of myself!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Billy Joel, wife separating

As reported on June 17, 2009 on CNN.com

(CNN) -- Billy Joel and his wife, Katie Lee Joel, are separating.
"After nearly five years of marriage, Billy Joel and Katie Lee Joel have decided to separate," a joint statement on behalf of the pair said. "This decision is a result of much thoughtful consideration. Billy and Katie remain caring friends with admiration and respect for each other."
Billy Joel, 60, and Katie Lee Joel, 27, were married in 2004. The marriage was the third for Billy Joel. His marriage to Elizabeth Weber ended in divorce in 1982 after nine years. He married his second wife, model Christie Brinkley, in 1985; they divorced in 1994.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: If only someone would’ve seen this coming! He should’ve seen a ‘Storm front comin’. Anyone with basic math skills knows that 60 doesn’t go into 27 – ever! For all those guys having their mid-life crisis’…all I can say is “Pre-nup, pre-nup, pre-nup!”

Saturday, June 20, 2009

72-Year-Old Woman Tasered During Traffic Stop

as reported on June 4, 2009

After an elderly woman was tasered during a traffic stop violation, thelocal police are insisting that the measure was the right one, My FoxAustin reports. According to the arresting officer, 72-year-old Kathryn Winkfein was doing 60 MPH in a 35 MPH construction zone, a point that the woman does admit to. However, the rest of the claims she disputes, as the arrest affidavit goes on to say that she left her car, became belligerent, screamed profanities, and attacked the officer, at which point the unnamed policeman tasered her and took her to jail. “I wasn’t argumentative, I was not combative. This is a lie. All of this is a lie, pulled away from him I did not,” she was quoted as telling the My Fox reporter.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Can he do that?…of course…she probably had it coming! "All of this is a lie, ‘What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet,to me...’, I wonder, ‘why is this stinkin’ jerk of an officer picking on me?’…she said as she spit her gum out on him…

Friday, June 19, 2009

Peta wishes that Obama hadn't swatted that fly!

As reported on June 18,2009 on foxnews- AP

WASHINGTON — The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the flyswatter in chief to try taking a more humane attitude the next time he's bedeviled by a fly in the White House.
PETA is sending President Barack Obama a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, a device that allows users to trap a house fly and then release it outside.
"We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals," PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said Wednesday. "We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals."
"Get out of here," the president told the pesky insect. When it didn't, he waited for the fly to settle, put his hand up and then smacked it dead.
"Now, where were we?" Obama asked Harwood. Then he added: "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker."
Friedrich said that PETA was pleased with Obama's voting record in the Senate on behalf of animal rights and noted that he has been outspoken against animal abuses.
Still, "swatting a fly on TV indicates he's not perfect," Friedrich said, "and we're happy to say that we wish he hadn't."

Editor Rozek’s Notes: The other day a friend of mine said “Kassandra, You have too much time on your hands.” He said that because I am publishing 2 books, maintain 3 blogs, teach fulltime, sing on the weekends, go to the gym everyday and to church on sundays. Um…I actually think that the time that I do have is filled quite nicely. Too much time on my hands would be caring whether or not the President killed a fly on national TV. “[It] indicates he’s not perfect?” Isn’t that the first productive thing he’s done since he took office? How about the $12 a week stimulus package? That was definitely perfect! McDonalds happy meals for everyone! …Come on people! I could see if a small puppy landed on his hand and he smacked it dead. Of course if that happened while I was trying to speak on national TV, the puppy would’ve had it comin’. These poor PETA people likely just lost all of their funding and lowered their cause to below the UWBWS (Under water basket weaving society). Good! We’ll use the money for health care for everyone! (wink wink) Now I actually have less time on my hands because I had to read this article! That’s how they getcha!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Man jailed over shooting sparked by hot sauce

As reported on June 12, 2009 on msnbc.com AP
Deadly attack with assault rifle occurred after bottle was thrown at car

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A man has been sentenced to 33 years in prison for killing a man during a melee that erupted when someone threw a bottle of hot sauce. Prosecutors claim he fired more than 20 rounds from an assault rifle into a car in October 2005, killing 22-year-old Gary Scott and wounding three others.
Prosecutors said the victim had thrown a bottle of hot sauce at a woman's car, angering Williams. They had requested a life sentence.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: 20 rounds of hot sauce? What the…? Oh…oops…sorry…the hot sauce was thrown before the assault rifle was fired. I was going to say…who the heck has that much hot sauce on hand? Usually one jar lasts a good long time. Though I do have to say that I would be a little annoyed if someone threw hot sauce at my car. I would most likely say “HEY!…” But then I would likely just drive away. This guy may need some anger management classes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miami Beach Man Ordered To Get Rid Of Mr. Clucky

As reported on June 7, 2009 on CBS4

Mr. Clucky, a white rooster who enjoys rides his owner Mark Buckley'sbike, is popular on South Beach for tourists looking for a fun photo.Last year, Mr. Clucky was given the honor of being the Grand Marshall in Coconut Grove's annual King Mango Strut. But now Buckley has been cited by the city's code enforcement division for keeping a farm animal. Seems his neighbors aren't too fond of Mr. Clucky's 6 a.m. crowing. On May 27th, Buckley was slapped with a $50 fine and ordered to get rid of the rooster. If he refuses he could receive even more citations and fines; city officials say most likely he won't be arrested.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: As far as farm animals in a house or in a babyseat on a bicycle…Come on! I like cheese… but you don’t see me putting a big block of cheese on my bicycle and taking it for a ride. People need to stop crowing about their likes and dislikes a little better!…May I suggest possibly keeping your cock in a cage so the rest of us don’t have to see or hear from it?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Power of Negative Thinking

As reported on Oprah.com on June 10th, 2009 by Tim Jarvis

Cheer up. Be happy. Find the silver lining. Smile. If you didn't know any better, you might say we're a country that preaches optimism. But some 30 to 35 percent of Americans employ a calculated form of negative thinking—called defensive pessimism—that can lead to very positive results, according to Julie K. Norem, PhD, a professor of psychology at Wellesley College.

We're not talking about a general disposition to see the glass half-empty: "Defensive pessimism is a strategy used in specific situations to manage anxiety, fear, and worry," says Norem, who has conducted seminal research on the subject. "Defensive pessimists," she says, "prepare for a situation by setting low expectations for themselves, then follow up with a very detailed assessment of everything that may go wrong." Once they've imagined the full range of bad outcomes, they start figuring out how they'll handle them, and that gives them a sense of control. "What's intriguing about defensive pessimists, is that they tend to be very successful people, and so their low opinion of the outcome isn't realistic; they use it to motivate themselves to perform better." For example, an executive is getting ready to pitch a project, and she thinks beforehand, "The client is going to be really difficult; he's not going to like my proposal. I have to make sure I explain things very clearly." "She uses defensive pessimism as a tool to work through all the possibilities so she's prepared for everything, even failure, And if she does fail, she's ready for it, so it's not so catastrophic."

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Oh geez…now what? Oprah has got to get a handle on her opinions! It seems that these reports are fluctuating as much as her weight! Believe me- I hear that! But wasn’t last week’s article about “The Secret” and how like attracts like? You’ve got to believe to receive? If you expect your client to be difficult, I guarantee that they will be! I expect that no one is going to comment on here with blatant attacks at me about my “Oprah’s weight” comment!…Come on…it was a joke!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chief: Suspect didn't ask how wife, boys died

As reported by Philip Rosenbaum and Debony Miller on June 9, 2009 on CNN

WATERLOO, Illinois (CNN) -- A southwestern Illinois man accused of strangling his wife and two young sons did not ask how his family was killed or see their bodies after he learned of the deaths, a police official said at a preliminary hearing Wednesday. Christopher Coleman, 32, is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Garett, 11, Gavin, 9, and his wife, Sheri Coleman, 31. The victims were strangled in their beds last month. A pathologist will testify during the trial that the time of deaths May 5 was between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., hours before Coleman said he drove to a gym, said Chief Joe Edwards of the Columbia Police Department.

Coleman, a security supervisor, was arrested May 19. The chief also said that a handwriting expert has concluded that the profanity-laced messages scrawled in red spray paint throughout the house match Coleman's handwriting. Spray-painted messages were also found on Gavin's bed sheets, he said. Threatening letters left in the family's mailbox and an e-mail allegedly sent to Coleman before the killings were traced back to the suspect's laptop, he said. The letters had no envelopes and no postage, according to Edwards. Testifying at a hearing at the Monroe County Courthouse, the chief said that a police chaplain noticed an abrasion on Coleman's right arm as he was escorted to an ambulance after the bodies were discovered. The suspect was having an affair with a friend of his wife who lives in Florida, according to prosecutors. Computer forensics found videos, photos and messages between the two, Edwards said. Coleman pleaded not guilty to all charges. The next court date is set for August 26.

Editor Rozek’s Note: This was clearly not a well thought-out plan. Doesn’t this guy watch CSI? I mean…it’s on nearly every single hour. I think it may actually have it’s own channel. Um…Note to Self: find giant magnet to at least erase contents of hard drive. Come on! That’s the trouble with criminals these days – they just haven’t spent enough time on their education. A 5th grader would’ve known that he needed to drive to the next town to get a postmark on his letters! I’m unimpressed. The trouble with this one is that any good lawyer could get him off purely on the fact that it clearly wasn’t premeditated…all that well!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Obama taps major donors for ambassadorships

As reported on June 12, 2009 on msnbc.com AP

Prominent fundraisers get nominations for posts in Switzerland, Belgium
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has tapped four big Democratic Party donors for plum ambassadorships in Europe and Latin America while naming six career diplomats to posts in Africa, the Mideast and the Pacific.

Washington lawyer Howard Gutman, who raised more than $500,000 for Obama's campaign and personally contributed the maximum $4,600 to it, was nominated to be the next U.S. envoy to Belgium, the White House said in a statement Thursday.

Editor Rozek’s Note: This seems a little inappropriate for an American president. I’ve heard guys talking about “tapping that” in night clubs all the time but I wouldn’t have thought that Barack Obama would be so open about doing it with diplomats. Not right! I guess this explains how he got the gay vote so effectively though.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elder Bush jumps at chance to don parachute

As reported on June 12, 2009 on msnbc.com AP

Ex-president plans to celebrate 85th birthday by leaping out of plane
KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Former President George H.W. Bush is poised to celebrate his 85th birthday by making a parachute jump in Maine, but the weather could dampen his plans.
Bush is scheduled to make a tandem jump Friday with a member of the Army's Golden Knights parachute team near his summer home in Kennebunkport. However, Friday's forecast shows a likelihood of rain in the area.

He made his first jump as a Navy pilot when his plane was shot down over the Pacific during World War II. He also made jumps to mark his 75th and 80th birthdays and on two other occasions.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Can’t they just get a stripper to jump out of a cake like every other American president has on his 85th birthday? This ‘throwing yourself from a plane’ thing does not seem safe to me! I wonder when the other two jumping occasions were? I wonder if one was after an in air meeting with Sadaam Hussein after he said "Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait completely, immediately, and without condition….” Sadaam replied “You’re not the boss of me!”…George tried to reason with him and then decided to jump from the plane instead.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Threatening Sotomayor's Life

As reported on June 8, 2009 on foxnews.com AP
John Zaubler called 911 from his West 72nd Street apartment last Saturday to say he was going to blow up the Supreme Court nominee.

NEW YORK -- A Manhattan man has pleaded not guilty to charges that he threatened to kill U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor to keep his girlfriend out of prison. A criminal complaint says John Zaubler called 911 from his West 72nd Street apartment last Saturday and said he was going to kill Sotomayor by "blowing her up." The 48-year-old defendant pleaded not guilty on Friday to making a terroristic threat at his Manhattan Criminal Court arraignment by videoconference from Bellevue Hospital's prison ward.
Judge James Gibbons ordered a psychiatric examination for Zaubler. The judge ordered him held without bail and scheduled a hearing for July 6.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: I am not guilty. That 911 recording is completely inaccurate. What I said was “I’m going to show her up!" I had heard that there was going to be a courtroom taco making contest and since she has claimed that her roots have given her the ability to do better than a white man, I wanted to show her up in the contest. I don’t know why I’m in this psychiatric facility. I thought she identified with the underpriviledged and misunderstood?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

There's a right way to return a purchase to Wal-Mart

As reported on walletpop.com on Jun 5th 2009 by Gary E. Sattler

There are right ways and wrong ways to do everything. On Thursday, June 4, 2009, 41-year-old Phillip R. Wright gave us a prime example of how not to act when attempting to return an item to a Wal-Mart store.According to a story released by Tampa Bay Online, Mr. Wright exercised a poor lack of emotional control when he was not allowed to return some items to his local Wal-Mart store. Apparently, the chagrined customer proceeded to set three racks of clothing ablaze and then left the store.

Editor Rozek’s Note
: I can actually see how this could happen. I mean…the people there are friendly enough but you have to be having a pretty bad day to be walking into Wal-Mart to begin with. When I was in college, I worked as a supervisor at a discount retailer. It was definitely not easy. The old saying, “the customer is always right”, seemed to work overtime there. I wonder if he told the girl at the desk that he would burn down the store if she didn’t call a manager? I’m certain that no matter how unreasonable his return request was, a manager would’ve come and overridden any decision that the girl had made. I was actually told to return $400 cash to a girl with a receipt and no merchandise because she said her Doctor told her to throw it away. My manager told her that I was wrong to not give her the money back. Um…huh? Oops…my mistake! I love it when swindlers and cheaters get the last laugh on me!... I actually set the break room on fire that day!...okay…so I just burned a pop-tart in the microwave…but I would’ve done more - if I had any guts at all! AAAHH!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Condom Cards' Given to Youth to Combat Teen Pregnancy

As reported on Saturday, June 06, 2009 in The Sunday Times

Boys as young as 12 are to be issued with condom "credit cards" allowing them to pick up free contraception at football grounds, barber’s shops and scout huts.
Condoms will be distributed at places where boys congregate, to spare them the embarrassment of visiting sexual health clinics or GPs’ surgeries or facing a shop assistant at a pharmacist's counter.
They will be able to collect the condoms by showing a plastic card issued to them after they have attended a safe-sex lesson, according to new government guidance. Boys who take advantage of the scheme will not have to give their names or answer questions about their sex lives. The scheme is intended to cut teenage pregnancies and persuade boys to take greater responsibility for contraception.
Boys who attend additional talks about sexually transmitted diseases will get a stamp on their card, which those running the scheme hope will become a status symbol.
Simon Blake, chief executive of Brook, said the C-card would make condom use “an everyday reality”.
He said the new government guidance would be designed to make boys more confident about using contraception and asking for advice on sex.

Editor Rozek’s Note: “Mommy, will you drive to pick up my condoms? I can’t wait til I’m old enough to get my driver’s license in 4 years!” I can hear the dinner conversation with the family now:
Mother: What did you do today honey?
Boy: I got an std stamp on my C-card!
Mother’s Live-in boyfriend: We are really proud of you.
Boy: I don’t care what you think! You’re not my father!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Attorney Blames Woman’s Death on Spray Tan

As reported on Wednesday, June 03, 2009 by foxnews MIAMI — A defense attorney has suggested that a spray tan might be to blame for the death of a 33-year-old South Florida woman whose husband is now facing a second-degree murder charge. Prosecutors believe 36-year-old Aventura developer Adam Kaufman strangled his wife, Eleonora Kaufman, in November 2007. But during a bond hearing Tuesday, defense attorney Bill Matthewman floated a different theory. Matthewman said arsenic or some other accidental poison in a spray tan might be to blame for Eleonora Kaufman's death. Matthewman asked Miami-Dade chief medical examiner Dr. Bruce A. Hyma if officials investigated adverse reactions to spray tans. Eleonora Kaufman got a spray tan one day before she died. The hearing is scheduled to continue Wednesday.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Let me get this straight? A spray tan strangled this guy’s wife? That totally sucks! I can’t imagine having to come home to find the yellow tinted hands of a spray tan wrapped around the neck of a loved one! We should definitely be more careful. The poor attorney got handed this client and thought..."Why do I always get the guilty guys?"

Attorney: Any chance she had recently eaten at Wendys?
Kaufman: Um...no....
Attorney: ...Chewed a piece of orbit gum?
Kaufman: hmm...don't know...I couldn't stand to be near her...I'm not sure...
Attorney: ...Did she get a spray tan?"
Kaufman: Ooh! Yeah!...She got a spray tan.
Attorney: Okay! Then we need to get these yellowish stains off of your hands.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sexy Cafes: "Starbucks meets Hooters"

as reported on Jun 3rd 2009 by Bruce Watson on walletpop.com

In Southern California's "Little Saigon," Vietnamese coffee shops are busily developing the next generation of caffeine delivery. Part cafe, part Victoria's secret fashion show, they are doing great business, despite the recession. Tina Nguyen, a waitress at one establishment, describes the cafe's motif as "Starbucks meets Hooters."This seems fairly accurate: like Starbucks, the cafes have a narrow menu of coffee, iced tea, and smoothies. The marriage of food and bodacious pulchritude is something of a Hooters specialty. Like the famous chain, the servers at Garden Grove's Vietnamese coffee shops are clothed, albeit scantily. In fact, the parade of fishnets, spandex, bathing suits and sarongs makes Hooters' minishorts and tank top uniform appear comparatively restrained.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: Well! There is really nothing I can think of that would say “I want a cup of coffee”, more than a scantily dressed girl?? I’m assuming that women are not the number one clientele of this coffeeshop! Businessmen, whose wives are busy with the mundane morning rituals of packing the kid’s lunches and making cookies, pack up their laptops, kiss their wives and children goodbye and say they have to get to the office early! The 5am dash to the ATM to cash their 20’s into ones and get to breakfast is causing traffic issues everywhere... I too am thinking of a new business venture. I am opening a new toy store. It’s going to be called “Us R Toys!”

Sunday, June 7, 2009

N.H. Man Arrested for 153rd Time

As published on June 3, 2009 on aol.com AP
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (June 3) -- A man has been arrested for the 153rd time, this time after he was accused of punching someone in the face over the weekend.
Paul Baldwin, 49, told a judge Monday he plans to plead guilty to the assault, along with trespassing and alcohol charges. He said he's had a long battle with alcohol and was trying to correct the problem during his most recent one-year jail term, which ended last week.
The Foster's Daily Democrat newspaper said Baldwin's record dates to 1984 and includes 152 other arrests, eight trespass orders, 75 citations, four Social Security aliases and 17 name aliases.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: His jail term just ended last week? I don’t think the problem is corrected yet! Did he just walk up to someone and punch him in the face?...or did the guy say something like “nah, nah, nah ,nah ,nah I bet you won’t punch me in the face?” That’s an entirely different story. It’s nice that he is coming to terms with his issues and pleading guilty, but doesn’t our court system have a recidivism punch card for these guys so they can just swipe in and out of jail without a trial? …and how many of the 8 trespass orders were simply because he had to pee?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse at the Palms Casino Resort!

As Barbie turns 50, her real life dream house is built in Malibu!
The interior decorator said, "Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't exist as a person....She exists as fantasy and is the perfect client because she's always happy and fun and loves everything. I thought to myself, 'How would Barbie live?' What I thought was Barbie would have a house that is glamorous, kittenish, chic, colorful and happy — as well as functional."

Editor Rozek's Note: Well thank God this finally exists! The decorator forgot to say that her mouth is sealed shut with plastic! I'm sure there are lots of guys who would love to live in that house with her. Anyway...I would definitely pay $4000 to spend a night there! I wonder if the ceilings are four and a half feet high and the walls are made of mirrors tipped at an angle? That is well worth the money! I'm going...:) I'm very excited!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kidnapping suspect hiding in trunk of car taken into custody

As reported by Melissa Pinion-Whitt on 06/04/2009 on The Daily Bulletin
FONTANA - A suspect in a Long Beach kidnapping hid in the trunk of a car Thursday morning and refused to surrender for hours until a SWAT team released tear gas and a police dog.
Fontana police received information about 5:30 a.m. that 38-year-old David Chapple was armed with a gun. A caller told officers that the man's girlfriend was driving him through the Southridge area and he was hiding in the trunk of the Toyota Camry.
"He apparently chooses, as his mode of travel, hiding in the trunk of a car with a gun so he won't be seen by police," said Fontana police Sgt. Jeff Decker.
At 8:10 a.m., officers released tear gas into the vehicle in an attempt to get him to surrender. Rialto police were also sending a robot to the scene to assist Fontana officers. The man finally opened the trunk to let out the gas, but refused to cooperate with officers, Decker said. Officers let loose a police dog to help take the man into custody.

Editor Rozek’s Notes:… This makes perfect sense. Haven’t you ever been carrying a gun and thought, “Hey! I know. I’ll have my girlfriend shut me in the trunk! That way no one will suspect anything.” The only thing is that once you have the swat team pointing guns at your head, I feel that it may be a more rational choice to “cooperate” with the police. Apparently the police were unsuccessful with this but the dog had better luck! Those darn dogs are so smart. Apparently this one helped take the man into custody with it’s dog-eat-dog negotiating tactics. I can hear it now: “rooof rooof, bark” (sir, I don’t think you’re comprehending the gravity of this situation), “ruff, bark, bark, rrrruff” (you see, there are many guns pointed at your face and even the dumbest of dog’s best friends would have to realize that this is the moment you should stand down!)… “bark” (I just peed on that hydrant over there…)

More talking, more problems: 'Cell phone elbow' damages nerves

CNN as reported on June 3, 2009 by Madison Park(CNN) --
If your pinkie and ring fingers tingle or feel numb, you might not want to pick up that cell phone to call the doctor.Orthopedic specialists are reporting cases of "cell phone elbow," in which patients damage an essential nerve in their arm by bending their elbows too tightly for too long. When cell phone users hold the phone to their ears, they stretch a nerve that extends underneath the funny bone and controls the smallest fingers. When talkers chat for a long time in that position, it "chokes the blood supply to the nerves. It makes the nerves short-circuit. The next thing you know, there's tingling in the ring and small finger," said Dr. Peter J. Evans, the director of the Hand and Upper Extremity Center at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

Editor Rozek’s Note: If you are talking on the phone so much that you get cell phone elbow, it may be time to consider what you could possibly need to be talking about for that amount of time?? Everyone I know says that they “hate the phone”…and yet, everywhere I go, I almost get driven off the road by someone holding their phone, or get pushed out of an aisle at the grocery store by someone who is having trouble steering their cart while they are balancing a conversation with their shopping list. One day, I even ran into a girl who was going out with my ex, who instantly picked up the phone when she saw me and started pretending to talk to him! I’m not sure what that was about…probably just insecure I guess. Who knows?? People do use their cell phone as a security blanket. Have you ever watched someone sitting in a restaurant all alone talking on the phone or texting the entire time? I view this as one of two things: either the person is a cardiac surgeon, or he/she is having a self-image issue with sitting there alone. I can’t think of anything that is important enough to say before I get somewhere out of the public eye. Why don’t we take a hint from teenagers (who, by the way can’t have a conversation without using only the first letter of each word they mean to say… or even better- keep texting someone else while they are talking to you- That’s my favorite!). They don’t ever “talk” on the phone anymore… but I bet they are going to have a whole knew thumb ailment from texting. It will be called “C.R.A.P" (Communication Rendered Aggravatingly Passé).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

US Mistakenly Releases Nuclear Site List

As published By EILEEN SULLIVAN and H. JOSEF HEBERT- AP on June 3, 2009 on aol.com

WASHINGTON (June 3) -- The government accidentally posted on the Internet a list of government and civilian nuclear facilities and their activities in the United States, but a U.S. official said Wednesday the posting included no information that compromised national security.
The 266-page document was published on May 6 as a transmission from President Barack Obama to Congress. …Some of the pages are marked "highly confidential safeguards sensitive."...Included in the report are details on a storage facility for highly enriched uranium at the Y-12 complex at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and some sites at the Energy Department's Hanford nuclear site in Washington state.
The document includes both government and civilian nuclear facilities, all of which have various levels of security, including details and location of nation's 103 commercial nuclear power reactors, information readily available from various sources.
…There are "zero" national security implications to the publication of this document, said Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Government's Project on Government Secrecy. Aftergood found the document on the GPO Web site and highlighted it in Secrecy News.
"I regret that some people are painting it as a roadmap for terrorists because that's not what it is," Aftergood said.

Editor Rozek’s Notes:...I’m not sure that it was exactly “painted” as a road-map. It was more like a GPS device…that targets uranium…and nuclear power reactors… No biggie. If I worked for the government, and had just accidentally clicked “publish” instead of handing the document to one of my secret service guys with the dark glasses to walk the copy over to congress in person, before I told someone what had happened, I would’ve released about 50 other documents with all different addresses on them. I can hear the president now:

Obama: “Crap! Crap! Crap. Darn computers! I hate these things”…
(he hits the monitor and formulates a plan…)
Obama: “Michelle! Do we have any white-out?”
Michelle: “Yes, it’s under the phone bill and the copy of the Constitution of the United States in the bottom drawer….Why?”
Obama: “No reason honey! I’m gonna be up late!”

If there were many other documents, it would’ve at least slowed down the protestors from getting to these newly published locations. I’m sure anyone who really wanted to hurt us already had the list saved on his IPhone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Melissa Joan Hart Disses Cancer-Stricken Farrah Fawcett

As reported by the New York Post on Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The former "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star was overheard off-camera at KTLA in Los Angeles on Friday saying how she'd been hoping last week that cancer- stricken Farrah Fawcett wouldn't die — and thus bump Hart off the cover of People magazine.

Editor Rozek’s Note: Oh my God Melissa! Who said that child actors are self absorbed and dysfunctional? Do you have anything in the world that matters to you more than yourself? It’s cancer! You’re the teenaged witch – She’s an Angel! Who do you think is more important? Geez…I hope there’s no terrorist attack so your big day in the news doesn’t get bumped for something trivial- like... say… something that matters?

Pink Floyd founder wants Israeli wall down

As reported by the AP on June 2, 2009 on msnbc.com
Roger Waters has harsh words for barrier during visit to Palestinian camp

AIDA REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank - The legendary rocker and co-founder of Pink Floyd says he would give a concert in a flash if Israel’s West Bank wall is torn down. Roger Waters made the promise Tuesday during a visit to a Palestinian refugee camp that is hemmed in by the separation barrier’s tall slabs of cement. The 65-year-old co-wrote Pink Floyd’s iconic “The Wall” album and performed music from it in 1990 at the site where the Berlin Wall once stood. Waters says the wall amounts to an oppressive grab of Palestinian land and that he hopes that “this thing, this awful thing, is destroyed soon.”

Editor Rozek’s Notes:…I like Pink Floyd. What an amazing band – probably of all time! The trouble is that I’m not sure that they weren’t completely stoned when they wrote “The Wall.” His efforts in Israel are definitely a nice try and I admire the fact that he cares about world issues…and, come to think of it… I’m also a little amazed that he can still form a sentence at all… but I guess I look at it this way; I’m definitely not Roger Waters but I wrote a song once called “Liar”…well actually it was called “Liar, Stinkin, Ridiculous Puke, I can’t believe you did that, Nobody Likes You Anymore”, but I just called it “Liar” for short. Anyway…you don’t see me going up to Bill Clinton and saying “Hey. I’ll sing you this song if you admit you cheated on Hillary.” … Pretty much cause…well…he wouldn’t care…and the song really wasn’t my best work!...and ...he really wouldn't care...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Octuplets' mom signs TV show deal

As reported on Mon, June 1, 2009 by Alan Duke on CNN.com

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in January, will star in a reality television series about her family, a TV executive said.
Eyeworks' British division will produce the show, the Eyeworks executive said. "There is a story to be told" about the family, he said. " Though he said the show has not been named, Suleman has sought to trademark her media nickname -- Octomom -- for a TV show and a line of diapers.
Suleman has six other children. All 14 were conceived through in-vitro fertilization.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: This is the ‘feel-good’ story of the year! I laughed, I cried, I called social services!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Victorville parolee having sex with teen had mother's permission

as reported by Melissa Pinion-Whitt on June 1, 2009 on the dailybulletin.com

A man who was having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl with the permission of the girl's mother was arrested by sheriff's deputies in Victorville on Sunday. Anthony Vaux, 25, a parolee, had been having sex with the girl several times during the past few weeks, San Bernardino County sheriff's officials said. Deputies received an anonymous tip at 6:21 p.m. Sunday that he and the girl were in a Travelodge hotel room in the 12100 block of Mariposa Road. Sheriff's investigators said the girl's mother was aware of the relationship and allowed it to occur. Vaux was booked into jail on suspicion of unlawful sex with a minor and was held without bail. Sheriff's investigators planned to submit a case to prosecutors regarding the actions of the victim's mother.

Editor Rozek’s Note: Remember when we used to get our mother’s permission to go to a friend’s house when we were in high school? I used to have to call when I left one place and then again when I got to the next one. I don’t ever remember calling my mom and saying: “Hi Mom! It’s me. I’m going to leave the bowling alley now and then stop off for a quickie with a my parolee."

I can just hear her mother at dinner with the ladies:

Mother: My daughter has the nicest boyfriend now! He is on parole. It was all a big misunderstanding though. His ridiculous ex girlfriend turned him in for having sex with her. You know how these 11 year old girls get! She was just jealous that he liked my daughter better. I’m so proud of her.

(phone rings…)

Mother: Oh! It's her..."Hello girlfriend!... uh huh…okay…be safe…what room are you guys in?…great…12100. Thanks honey! Enjoy yourself and call me if you need a ride home later!"

Mother: (to ladies again) She is such a good girl! We’re like best friends. I’m sort of known as the cool mom around her school.

He is being booked on "suspicion?" Nice...I suspect that mommy should try not to be so close to her little girl and take her over her knee instead of letting her little girl spend so much time on hers!

Cop says he wants to 'beat' Atlanta mayor with bat, apologizes

As reported on 5/28/09 by Ashley Fantz, CNN

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) --.It probably would have been just another ho-hum city council budget meeting. Except that the leader of Atlanta's police union, and second-highest ranking member of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, said he wanted to beat Atlanta's mayor with a bat.

"I want to beat her [Mayor Shirley Franklin] in the head with a baseball bat sometimes when I think about it," Sgt. Scott Kreher said into a microphone earlier this month in an apparent off-hand remark during a presentation he was giving to the council. Within days, the 17-year department veteran was suspended.

Kreher said the "it" that made him want to club the mayor was that, despite repeated complaints, the police union contends the city is not honoring workers' compensation claims for cops whose careers ended when they were seriously injured on the job.

Franklin, one of the nation's high-profile mayors, told CNN on Tuesday that the officers' complaints are a "separate issue" from Kreher's comments. "Some people think I'll just shake it off," she said of the sergeant's threat. "I can't shake off an officer at City Hall -- not in his shower or in his front yard, but in official capacity -- threatening to hit me in the head with a bat. That is a severe act of violence. When you hit someone with a bat, you intend to kill them."…

A few days after the bat comment, Kreher apologized to Franklin in a letter, which was published on the union Web site. He called his remark "inexcusable," explaining that it sprung from "frustration and anger."

Editor Rozek’s Notes
:…uh…don’t you think we are taking ourselves a little too seriously? Haven’t you ever been walking down the street and thought “Hey! You know what? I’d really like to poke that guy’s eyes out with sticks!”?? What exactly is the problem? He basically said that he is so frustrated that he’d like to “beat her in the head with a baseball bat.”…wait a minute…I guess that didn’t make it sound much better. Perhaps opening with a sentence that started with “I want to beat her” wasn’t going in the right direction…I would’ve eaten a twix and finished the sentence as… “a nice pan of brownies and serve it to her at a luncheon.” He must not have had a candy bar on him. The point is that no matter what he said, he wasn’t actually going to do it. I think that little Ms. Franklin was having a bad day and jumped on it a little too forcefully. What did she say about not being able to shake him off in the shower?” That may be the problem. I don’t know why she would’ve been in his shower to begin with… though a shower certainly seems like an unthreatening place to be if you need to fend someone off…I mean…where would he hide the baseball bat? Shower outfits never have good pockets! Why isn’t a heartfelt apology ever enough? He said he’s sorry…(and then his partner stuffed a candy bar in his mouth as they shuffled the Mayor out of the room…) Shake it off!