Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miami Beach Man Ordered To Get Rid Of Mr. Clucky

As reported on June 7, 2009 on CBS4

Mr. Clucky, a white rooster who enjoys rides his owner Mark Buckley'sbike, is popular on South Beach for tourists looking for a fun photo.Last year, Mr. Clucky was given the honor of being the Grand Marshall in Coconut Grove's annual King Mango Strut. But now Buckley has been cited by the city's code enforcement division for keeping a farm animal. Seems his neighbors aren't too fond of Mr. Clucky's 6 a.m. crowing. On May 27th, Buckley was slapped with a $50 fine and ordered to get rid of the rooster. If he refuses he could receive even more citations and fines; city officials say most likely he won't be arrested.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: As far as farm animals in a house or in a babyseat on a bicycle…Come on! I like cheese… but you don’t see me putting a big block of cheese on my bicycle and taking it for a ride. People need to stop crowing about their likes and dislikes a little better!…May I suggest possibly keeping your cock in a cage so the rest of us don’t have to see or hear from it?

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  1. Say "Bucley's Cock Clucky's Crowing" seven times real fast!!