Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mom in Abduction Hoax Posts Bail

As reported by the AP on Sunday 5/31/09 on

PHILADELPHIA (May 30) - A woman accused of staging an abduction hoax that began near Philadelphia and ended at Florida's Walt Disney World was released on $1 million bail, authorities said Saturday.

Authorities say Sweeten phoned 911 on Tuesday from downtown Philadelphia and told dispatchers that she and her daughter had been carjacked and stuffed in the trunk of a Cadillac near their suburban home, prompting a frantic search that ended 30 hours later at a Disney World hotel. Her daughter, Julia Rakoczy, was reunited with her father, Anthony Rakoczy, in Florida on Thursday. Rakoczy still lives near Sweeten, his ex-wife, and spoke well of her in interviews this week.

Editor Rozek’s Note
: I can totally see how this could happen. Haven’t you ever been driving down the street and thought, “Hey! Ya know what would be fun? I’m gonna call 911!...Yeah!…that’s a great idea.” …

Announcer: “Well Ms. Rakoczy, now that you’ve sent the authorities on a wild-goose chase to look for you and your little girl, what are you going to do next?”

Rakoczy: “I’m going to Disneyworld!”

Now they are saying that apparently she may need some sort of psychiatric help. Oh…I don’t know…Aren’t we being a little rough on her? It was just a little 911 call. She was taking hormone shots for a IVF procedure. That must be the problem. But on that note…How many kids do these people really need?

Rakoczy: “Come on honey! Let’s go get some pickles and ice cream and then carjack ourselves and go to Disneyworld!”

Julia Rakoczy: “Oh! Yes. Thank you Mommy! You seem sane to me!”

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  1. K, you are such a cynic! haven't you ever accidently thought your phone was off while you were trying to scare your kid? I mean like: "I'm gonna drive this car off this cliff in a minute if you don't behave!!" and then you call 911 while the phone is off to report the impending disaster?? Gosh, K, I do this all the time! You have no understanding as to what it takes to keep kids in line. Go have a few and you'll understand why we parents do these things.

    Let her off the hook! - (pun intended)