Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the news... "Government runs nation's only legal pot garden"

In the news today...

OXFORD, Mississippi (CNN) -- Here, in what could be called the Fort Knox of dope, under the gaze of security cameras and a blinking motion sensor, another scientist pries open the lid of a large cardboard barrel, opens a large plastic bag and digs his hand into the vat of meticulously manicured marijuana. This is the government's "cannabis drug repository."
How much would this be worth on the street? "A lot," he answers. But the security of the operation is of obvious concern. "Within this building right here, we have seven different alarm systems. We have camera systems. We have cameras in this room that are monitored by the Drug Enforcement Agency in suburban Washington”. And everywhere, there are locked doors. Keyed locks and push-button locks. Locks are as omnipresent as the skunk-like smell of raw marijuana.

…Editor Rozek’s Notes:…It’s a darn good thing that the government has this facility! Sometimes the Drug Enforcement agency doesn’t have anything to do. This ole “war on drugs” is silly. No one is doing drugs anymore. It was a fad! There is simply nothing to do! It is a far better use of tax dollars and trained drug enforcement security officials to be monitoring their own stash! When one of the officials was asked for comment, he replied, “…um…dude…there’s a lot of…um…stuff in here man…” Another said, “we have cameras, locks, keyed locks, push-button locks, lock locks…” The interviewer stepped into the cafeteria to view a peak of the behind the scenes action. There was a table piled to the ceiling with corn chips and potato sticks, next to it a wall-sized refrigerator jammed full of pepsi and a shelf full of visine eye drops that could make any CVS envious! He walked back into the room where he had been interviewing the previous employee, to hear him still talking… “…fried locks, broiled locks, steam-fried locks…” Overall, this was a day full of eye-opening experiences. Our country is truly lucky to have this much weed to give so many fried Americans job opportunities that are so necessary to counter today’s economic troubles!

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