Friday, May 22, 2009

Building a Case Against Drew Peterson

In the news today...

Dislike for Drew Peterson Is One Thing, but is There Enough Evidence Against Him?
As Drew Peterson sits in jail on murder charges for his third wife's death, his stepbrother could prove key to the prosecution's case that he also killed his still-missing fourth wife, Stacy Peterson. Drew Peterson is being held now only for the 2004 murder of Kathleen Savio, whose death the medical examiner had initially ruled a drowning accident. But a grand jury is still hearing evidence that alleges Peterson's involvement in Stacy Peterson's death. Included in that evidence are statements from Thomas Morphey that he helped his stepbrother move a large blue barrel from Peterson's home on the last day Stacy Peterson was seen alive.
The day before he helped move the barrel, Morphey said Peterson confronted him. "He said, 'How much do you love me?'" Morphey told "Good Morning America" in March. "I said, 'I do.' And he said, 'Enough to kill for me?'" Neither Stacy Peterson nor her body have ever been found, nor has the mysterious blue barrel.

Editor Rozek’s Note:…I have no idea why they are bothering this poor guy! He clearly has the worst luck in the history of luck itself. Here he is, this unassuming guy, just trying to live life by being the best guy he can be, and wife after wife keep leaving him! I feel horrible! He had asked his neighbor to help him lift the blue barrel but the weight of the “fruity pebbles” he had put in it kept shifting and it felt like she was moving dead weight so he had to ask his step brother to help instead. Haven’t you ever been in a situation when you’ve been accidentally caught asking someone "Would you kill for me? " ...Come on! It’s like… “please pass the chips”, “can I borrow some sugar”, “how much do you love me? Enough to kill for me?” It’s just conversation… So the medical examiner didn’t notice the giant hand print on the back of his first wife’s head where she had held herself under water until she stopped breathing. It’s so unfair that he has to sit there and wait while people make unfounded accusations against him just because of a couple little mistakes…like asking the wrong step-brother to move the blue barrel…um…Drew -I guess the answer to your question about how much he loves you is …“not quite as much as you had hoped!”

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