Sunday, May 24, 2009

In the news...Tiny seahorse...

Tiny seahorse, world's longest insect among top new species

(CNN) -- A pea-sized seahorse, the world's longest insect, a "ghost slug" and the world's smallest snake were among the top 10 species discovered in 2008, a committee of scientists said Friday. These unusual critters were among thousands of species found last year, many in remote or tropical regions of the planet that hint at the breadth of the Earth's undiscovered biodiversity. "Most people do not realize just how incomplete our knowledge of Earth's species is," said director of the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University, which announced the top 10 new species list. Also on the 2008 list are a caffeine-free coffee plant, a snail whose shell twists around four axes, a palm that flowers itself to death and microscopic bacteria that live in hairspray.

Editor Rozek’s Note:…Well Thank God! This poor little seahorse has been hanging out all alone, writing songs about why no one notices her. She threw a party and laminated this article for her bedroom wall! Finally she is complete! Rejoice! …as for the microscopic bacteria that live in hairspray…THANKS A LOT FOR THAT! I’m just sitting here, a nice girl who wants her hair to hold up to the humidity, and some scientist has to come along and announce that I’m wearing microscopic bacteria on my head! Did you ever notice that no one dies of anything until they’re diagnosed with it? Now…I have to have my allergist make shots out of my hairspray…Come on! - He already thinks I’m nuts! As far as I’m concerned, I sort of wish these scientists had “flowered” themselves! Thanks guys…

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