Monday, May 25, 2009

Miami Dolphins player arrested in Freightliner truck incident

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Miami Dolphins defensive end Randy Starks was arrested early Sunday after police said he struck an officer with a slow-moving Freightliner truck, according to a police report.
Officers said they saw the Freightliner truck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on South Beach's Ocean Drive with some 13 people inside, including a woman sitting on the lap of Starks, who was driving. The truck's seating capacity is four occupants, the police report said.
In the report, the officer recalled pursuing the truck on foot for about a half-block and pounding on the rear driver's-side window, but it kept moving. "I slowly approached the side door and just as I reached it the vehicle accelerated and started moving forward and slightly to the left .The vehicle's path caused the driver's side of the vehicle to strike me in the chest pushing me back and pinning me against a vehicle stopped in traffic in the northbound lane." A police check showed that the truck's license plate was not assigned to that vehicle, the report said, and Starks faces a charge for that as well. Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene told CNN the club was "only recently made aware of the situation. Since we are in the process of gathering information we have no comment."

Editor Rozek’s Note: …I have no comment either...except...Why are they always picking on these athletes? I can’t understand why this was a problem? First of all- How could Randy have been expected to read the maximum occupancy sign on the truck he had just stolen?... 4? ...It could have been 13?... I’ve skimmed the picture book driving manual that they give strong athletes while they are in training… there is no picture of a guy driving a stolen vehicle with a girl on his lap that has a giant X through it anywhere. I am quite certain that he has a law suit against the makers of the “Reading without Literacy for Dummies (Who are Good at Sports & Make a Crap-load of Money)” series on his hands. He had absolutely no way of knowing that what he did was wrong!...I mean… GO DOLPHINS! ...Secondly…I bet they can get this case thrown out. Clearly the officer missed a comma in the report.

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