Saturday, May 30, 2009

Father, 29, in child support court says he has 21 kids

As reported on May 22nd, 2009 on

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- On paper, he has 20 possibly 21 children. With a minimum wage job, he can't afford to support them all. What is the state to do? Desmond Hatchett, 29, told WVLT he wasn't out to set a record, though he certainly holds it in Knox County Juvenile Child Support Court. Hatchett's children range in age from newborn 11. There are at least 11 mothers; probably several more. Constitutionally, there is nothing the state can do to limit him from having more. "I had four kids in the same year. Twice." Desmond Hatchett told Volunteer TV. It's due process-- the state is only allowed to take 50% of Hatchett's paycheck. That's 50% split multiple times.
"You look at when they filed, how many children they have-- he has several mothers that he has two children with. And, it's tough". Still, Hatchett says the women knew what they were getting into. They were all aware of his large family. One said, she doesn't like it but she deals with it. "It's about the kids. Not the parents," she said. Hatchett agrees he should do what's best for the kids.
Desmond Hatchett spent part of Friday afternoon jailed while a child support referee decided how to split up the $400 he brought to court. If he doesn't pay what he owes, he will go back to jail because he is on an automatic jail order. The mothers of Hatchett's children are supposed to get anywhere from $25 to $309 a month, but when his paycheck is garnished amongst them all, some women only get a $1.98 a month.

Editor Rozek’s Note: Ah…family! This is truly a beautiful love story! It’s too bad that we can’t get more people into the welfare system! What does this guy look like?…and how does he keep getting these women pregnant?…I mean…I know how I guess- I’ve read books and seen pictures here and there…But what the heck? Where is he meeting all of these women? Is there a nightclub somewhere with a neon sign that says “Stupid Fertile Women Here?” If I ever have a child, remind me to see if one of these mothers will be my child’s nannie! I’d hate for my baby to grow up with any common sense. Then again, if she will work for $1.98 a month, I suppose I could just get a Nannie-cam and an educational DVD. Heck! I’d pay her $2 a month if she would take her for a walk and sing a song other than “Pussy monster.” Don’t get me wrong… that is a beautiful song. I would just rather she learns “Mary had a little lamb” before I have to wash her mouth out with soap when her first word is the “F-word.”

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