Monday, July 20, 2009

'Harry Potter' Star Could Face 14 Years for Growing Marijuana Farm

As reported on July 9, 2009 on

“Harry Potter” star Jamie Waylett has been charged with growing ten cannabis plants.
The 19-year-old actor will have to appear in court later this month for the charges stemming from an April arrest.
Waylett, who plays Potter bully Vincent Crabbe, was busted when cops pulled over his vehicle in London and allegedly found eight bags of marijuana. He was taken to a nearby police station before a team of officers raided his mother’s home in Camden, the Daily Telegraph reports. A Metropolitan police spokeswoman said the actor would appear in court late this month and “is charged with producing a Class B drug, nearly ten plants of cannabis.”
The plants – valued at more than $3,000 – were allegedly found among DJ equipment and a Playstation, the Telegraph said.
Waylett may face up to 14 years for cannabis production, while the maximum charge for cannabis possession is five years.

Editor Rozek’s Notes: If only someone would’ve seen this coming! A child star with thrill seeking behavioral tendencies? Weird! Maybe we should go back to paying kids in buttons on a chart according to how many times they make their bed and wash the dishes?…I’m just saying…early success seems to put a kid right in the line of fire- literally! If you are growing weed next to your playstation, you are either too young, or 40 years old and “know this guy who knows this guy who’s gonna help you get signed to a record label”…step away from the chips and go to college people!

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  1. What bdo you expect from a guy who hangs with "POT -ter"? Bad company corrupts good morals. It's the other kids fault.