Monday, May 21, 2007

Working long hours harder on women's health, study says

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Working long hours has a greater negative impact on women than men because it makes them more likely to smoke, drink coffee and eat unhealthy food.
"Women who work long hours eat more high-fat and high-sugar snacks, exercise less, drink more caffeine and, if smokers, smoke more than their male colleagues," said Dr. Daryl O'Connor, a researcher at Britain's Leeds University.
"For men, working longer hours has no negative impact on exercise, caffeine intake or smoking," O'Connor said in a statement released by the Economic and Social Research Council, which funded his study.

Editor Rozek’s Note: Interesting. So… All of this started when they gave women the right to vote. Women come to work with babies in backpacks, need more time off and for some reason crave high-fat and high-sugar snacks. RAISE YOUR CHILDREN for god’s sake. Put the bon-bon down and step away from the desk!

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