Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Police dog hits woman with truck

Apparently a dog put a police car in gear and ran over a woman in her driveway and then hit another car. The woman suffered a broken pelvis and road rash.

Editor Rozek’s Note : Yep! You heard it right. Dogs are a man’s best friend but as for women…that must be why they are man’s best friend…

(Anyway…for future reference, my updates should be pretty accurate although I workout with CNN on and sometimes my stories get a little confused with the scrolling ticker along the bottom. That dog story may have been: Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut destroyed by Israeli jets- retaliation strikes inflict broken pelvis on attacker on foot- Israeli’s working like dogs to keep the rash of attacks to a minimum.You may want to consult a local paper before trusting the accuracy and starting up a conversation about current events.)

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